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Entry Forty

Where on earth is Hermione? The prefects have been told to send everyone to the Great Hall but she's not here so I've been doing her job for her.

And Merlin, first years are annoying.

Entry Thirty-Nine

Right. I only have my Divination practical, History of Magic and Transfiguration left (and I don't really care about History of Magic as I only took it to impress my father and prove to Padma that I could). And I've managed to avoid coffee and a breakdown for six days worth of the examination period. I can do this.

How's everyone else holding up?

Entry Thirty-Eight

Alright everyone, just a quick reminder that the play is on tomorrow night. It is held in the Great Hall, will commence at 8:30 pm and runs until 10 pm. Everyone should be seated by 8:20 pm, and supper will end half an hour early to give us time to set up the stage.

If your parents are coming to watch, make sure that they arrive early enough to allow time for the extra security procedures that have been set up. And no grumbling from the Aurors who have been scheduled to check on everyone new coming into the school yes, that means you, Marcus Flint. You'll get to watch a fantastic performance, and I'm sure that beats rounding up Muggle Baiters or worse anyday.

And Ernie wants me to remind the actors to get to supper early so that you have time to change into your costumes beforehand. Also, if you are in the play, just relax yes, you, Stephen Cornfoot. Remember how hard we've all worked on this and if you forget your lines, don't worry and just improvise. The other actors will be able to help you out and Flitwick will be waiting off-stage to prompt you by using a special charm if you get really stuck. Sasha Capper will also be helping Ernie make sure that things run smoothly in terms of props and people getting on and off-stage in time and I never did figure out exactly what went on between them.

Now, I believe that the Muggle expression is "Break a leg!" Not meant to be taken literally, but if it does happen, I'm sure Madam Pomfrey will be able to fix you up.

All that said, thank Merlin I persuaded Ernie to only give me a minor role...

Entry Thirty-Seven

I see that Professor Babbling has himself a journal now. By Godfrey, I have never been so relieved in my life that I didn't take Ancient Runes.

Oh, and Blaise Zabini, Professor Vector caught me in the hall earlier. Because of the amount of prefects and Aurors sick, we're doing patrol tomorrow tonight together.

Entry Thirty-Five

Easter is nice. Easter eggs are even nicer. So is Lavender. And Lavender's parents are nice too. Lavender's daddy even said I was intelligent. I doubt I'd be the daughter my daddy would say that about. Why couldn't I have been a Brown?

Maybe they'll adopt me. Is that still possible for someone who's of-age?

Merlin, what have I gotten myself into. I'm away from school and I can't even relax. NEWTs. Quidditch. NEWTs. Quidditch. NEWTs...And now I've gone and added producing and organising and designing costumes for and acting in the play and being Ernie's helper to the mix. Naarrgh. Pleasepleaseplease do not let me have a repeat of February.

Where's the coffee? Must find all the coffee in this house and confiscate it RIGHT NOW.

Um, Terry...

Entry Thirty-Four

Whoo, career advice appointments are scheduled for the week after next! I'm so excited! I already know what I'm going to do if my designs are good enough. How about everyone else? What do you want to do after Hogwarts?

Ooh, it makes you realise how close it's getting, doesn't it? After NEWTs it will all be over. It's still hard for me to believe. I keep on waking up and wondering things like what the first years will be like next year and whether I'll be on the Gryffindor team, only to realise there won't be a next year for me! Unless I fail. Please, please don't let me fail.

What exactly happens during the appointments? Can someone with older siblings tell me?

And why does bloody Pansy Parkinson get to leave DADA ten minutes early? Moody creeps me out. We don't know for certain that he's not looking to see what colour bras we're wearing...

And don't forget to sign up for the play! We've decided on Pride & Prejudice and Wayne and Hermione are working very hard on the script. The auditions will be next week. Because of the appointments, I'm thinking of scheduling it for a Saturday so that everyone can make it. If we slot it in between meals, we might even be able to use the Great Hall. Ernie and Wayne and Hermione, what do you all think?

Entry Thirty-Three

The loss over the weekend was disappointing, but I'm over it. Hufflepuff were just the better side. I thought that Dennis played very well for his first game.

And whoever switched the wands in Transfiguration this morning, that wasn't very nice. I don't mind though as the paint splotches only got my textbook since I held it up to shield myself, and I've decided to leave it that way. The colours are rather pretty.

Private to Wayne and HermioneCollapse )

Private to ErnieCollapse )

Entry Thirty-Two

This is a very important announcement but I will not die because I drink coffee in fact coffee actually boosts your immunity system when you drink it black so the stronger you have it the better and at this rate I will outlive everyone but Anthony Goldstein and Roger Davies and incidentally Quintus Harper Ron is not a prat that is not very nice he just needs to drink more coffee and lose at chess more and not wear Canons things with his red hair and learn to support a team with a blue or green uniform instead and then he will be perfect and I would be perfect too or my study notes would be but someone has taken my black ink and I need black blue and red ink for my system because my system won't work without it and I will fail my NEWTs if I don't have my system AND I CANNOT FINISH MY ANCIENT RUNES ESSAY WITHOUT BLACK INK BECAUSE I STARTED IT IN BLACK AND HOW CAN YOU HAVE AN ESSAY THAT'S HALF BLACK AND HALF BLUE AND I NEED THAT BLACK INK NOW!!!