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Pretty In Pink

It's like red, but not quite

Parvati Patil
31 December 1979
"She's got a mind but it's the clothes they see through" - Victoria by the Dance Exponents

So Lavender talked me into getting one of these because she said they were fun. And goodness knows, we could do with more fun around here. I know there's a war on, but you'll only make things worse by acting all depressed.

But before we begin, let's get one thing clear: I am Lavender Brown's best friend. Not her clone. We are not interchangeable. Repeat: Me. Lavender. Lavender. Me. See the difference? If you don't, I'll soon make sure that you do.

Neither am I dumb just because you lot think I'm beautiful. And because I started modelling during my hols. And because I like to wear make-up, and am very good at applying it so that McGonagall doesn't know that I am. And because I have good taste in shoes. And because I wasn't Sorted into Ravenclaw like my sister. We have a lot of similar talents and qualities because we're identical twins. Like brains, get it? I'm as smart as she is. I just put it towards different things.

If you accept both of those, then we should have a great time together!

If you're a boy man, then let it be known that I'm single. But I'm not looking and I'm quite happy with the way things are. I like looking at you and talking about you, but I don't need you to make my life complete. If you want to try though, you'll have to work very hard. I like tall, dark and handsome because I'm 5'7" and want nothing to come between me and my heels.

Finally, onto more statistical type stuff. Parvati Yasmina Patil. Pureblood. Newly eighteen. Born December 31st 1979. Was too impatient to be a firecracker baby. Padma's the patient one though. Which is why she was born in 1980, nine minutes after me. My Dad is a British born Indian and my Mum is a white Dane. So I speak two languages. See? Bilingual, not stupid.

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Disclaimer: This RPG character is taken from the Harry Potter series created and owned by JK Rowling (ie. it's not really Parvati Patil). Neither is it Priyanka Chopra, the actor in the icons. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Player's journal: lucy_lupin. Lyrics in journal title taken from Aerosmith and the movie "Pretty in pink." Header made by celebren. Icons made by iconsbycate.